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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s time for open and honest conversation about your pelvic health!
Pelvic floor health is still a new concept to many people. However, we are doing our best to educate and empower men to take back their lives. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
Does the Libby Chair Treatment hurt?

Not at all! It is a difficult feeling to describe. However, if you are concerned, we will let you come to the office and take Libby for a spin to experience it yourself. Not a literal spin because there are no moving parts, but if you’re curious, just ask one of our specialists to give it a try.

Our clients describe Libby as a very comfortable treatment. People usually watch TV, complete their Corelife pelvic health curriculum, read books, or chat with us during their 28-minute sessions.

Our specialists monitor you during the session to make sure your treatment is the right intensity for you. 

Who is the Libby Chair Pelvic Therapyapy for?

We treat men who suffer from various forms of pelvic floor dysfunction, including urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, pelvic pain, or difficulty getting and maintaining an erection.

Men who have recovered from prostate surgery often experience pelvic floor dysfunction, which may also cause these symptoms.

Before beginning, we’ll complete a full assessment to determine whether Libby is the right treatment for you.

No one talks about these issues. Are they common?
YES! Probably more so than anyone knows because men often just don’t talk about it.

Studies show that 40% of men over 40 have experienced erectile dysfunction.

Many more experience urinary incontinence as they age, and especially after prostate surgery.

You don’t have to suffer with these symptoms. But the first step is admitting that you are experiencing them.

We’re not shy, and you don’t need to feel that way either.

What should I expect during the Libby treament?
You can expect to sit comfortably for about 30 minutes! Our team assists you in properly positioning yourself on the Libby to get the best results.

During the treatment, you may feel your pelvic floor muscles contracting and relaxing continuously. It’s a strange sensation but definitely not an uncomfortable one.

Wear a light pair of pants (activewear works well) and get ready to relax. The Libby is a walk-in, walk-out procedure. You will remain fully clothed throughout.

Is there evidence of the effectiveness?

There’s plenty of clinical evidence of the effectiveness of HIFEM (the technology behind Libby) in treating all types of urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction. Read the research

When will I start seeing results?

Many of our clients begin seeing results throughout the course of 6 treatments. However, you will get the full effect 4-6 weeks after your 6th Libby session.

Clients report a dramatic reduction in incontinence, significant quality of life improvement, and better sexual function.

What are the side effects of the Libby treatment?
Tenderness in the pelvic floor area during treatment is reported by a few people. The tenderness is mild and usually subsides within a few days.

The only other side effects include dry pants, fewer skid marks, and firmer erections.

Are your services covered by insurance or OHIP?
No, OHIP does not cover any of the costs of Libby Chair Pelvic Therapy.

You may be able to claim part of the cost as physiotherapy treatment. We can advise you on the qualifications and provide receipts as necessary.

Can I pay by appointment instead of in full?
Yes, we offer a flexible payment plan. Contact us for details.
Is there a discount if I purchase The Libby and Venus treatments?

Yes! Promotional pricing does apply if you purchase both Libby (6 sessions) and Venus (4 sessions). Please contact our team for a quote.

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