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How it Works 

Venus is what we call BTL Emsculpt, which uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to deliver thousands of supramaximal muscle contractions to awaken abdominal muscles. It’s completely non-invasive and comfortable. After Venus, you will be reacquainted with your inner Goddess

We incorporate Emsculpt into our Venus Ab Rehab Care, which also includes a curated education program and support from our team of experts to retrain all aspects of your body to optimize and extend the benefits of Venus.

Venus Ab Rehab Therapy

  • No needles
  • No poking or penetration
  • No need to take off your clothing

Feel Stronger

woam stanid in front of an open door - Venus Ab Rehab and Emsculpt

Your body’s core consists of several groups of muscles that encase your torso and abdomen. Think of this area as a cylinder, surrounded by sheets of muscle. All of the muscles work together to provide power to all of your movements. Sometimes, one set of muscles can become weaker, tighter or damaged, causing an imbalance.   

Venus Ab Rehab leverages the best in electromagnetic energy to stimulate the muscles while you get to lie down!  You’ll feel the muscles contracting and relaxing as the treatment protocol moves through a varied fitness development program.  The result is something like doing thousands of abdominal contractions in a 30 minute period. After the first treatment, you’ll feel stronger! 


Feel In Control

Woman playing a cello. Venus Ab Rehab makes your feel more in control

When your core muscles are not functioning optimally, it can also affect movement in your arms and legs, resulting in less coordination and throwing off your ability to balance.  

After Venus Ab Rehab, you’ll feel more controlled in your movements and thus more confident in your performance in just about anything. 


Work Out WIthout Working Out

Woman reclining on a bean bag - Venus Ab Rehab is like an ab workout at the gym

It’s easy to drop out of a routine of core workouts – especially when life gets busy or when it seems that they are not achieving the desired effect. Similarly, sometimes our abdominal wall has just been impacted in a way that we simply are not able to carry out the very exercises needed to generate fitness and function. 

When it happens to you, it’s time for Venus Ab Rehab. Venus can transform your abdominal wall in 4 sessions in ways that traditional abdominal exercise simply can’t achieve.  That sculpted tummy IS possible without setting foot inside the gym! 


Rebuilding your abs, correcting diastasis recti, and getting your core back to a state of optimal fitness with exercise alone can be difficult, frustrating and for some not possible. Curious about what Venus can do for you?  Call us to learn more! 

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