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Emsella – The Libby Chair

A comfortable and non-invasive treatment for female pelvic floor dysfunction including bladder leaks, frequent urination, pelvic organ prolapse, and reduced sexual function.
Libby Chair Pelvic Therapy

Pelvic Health Problems are More Common Than You Think

They affect a significant number of women as they age, and after childbirth. It may begin as a little spritz here and there when you sneeze, cough or exert yourself during exercise. But it turns into a much larger problem when you stop feeling like yourself, worry about the bladder leaks, and alter your lifestyle to cope.

Here’s where Libby (short for “Liberation”) comes in.

The Libby Chair Pelvic Therapy provides an incredible fitness training session for your pelvic floor that is as easy as sitting in a chair.

Libby activates pelvic floor muscles, improving the ability to strengthen and relax the muscle fibres, resulting in better overall function.

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Libby Chair Pelvic Therapy

Libby cycles through different stimulations and intensities targeting your pelvic floor muscles. The effect is similar to completing more than 11,000 Kegels in each session – but better. That’s because Libby doesn’t just strengthen muscles, it makes them more pliable so they can contract and relax as needed.

The result is a strong, supportive pelvic floor to keep pelvic organs in place and more effectively control the elimination functions. Libby can eliminate dyspareunia, improve sensations and increase the frequency and intensity of organsms.

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Treatment and Support

At Corelife Wellness, we use BTL’s Emsella Chair in-combination with a curated pelvic health curriculum to deliver a comprehensive pelvic floor therapy that gets results!

Get Your Life Back

You don’t have to live with absorbent pads and a poor sexual experience. Corelife Wellness is a warm and welcoming environment for every woman suffering from pelvic dysfunction to get the help needed to overcome it.

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