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Venus Ab Rehab

Restore core fitness with comfortable treatments that work while you relax. Venus Ab Rehab rebalances core muscle strength for greater stability and relief from the effects of diastasis recti, including back pain and reduced mobility.

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Poor Core Fitness is a Real Problem

Women can experience a lack of core fitness for a variety of reasons. Rapid weight changes, abdominal surgery and pregnancy can all contribute. Exercise and heavy lifting combined with poor posture and body alignment can are also risk factors.

Weak or imbalanced abdominal muscles can cause chronic back pain, reduced mobility, difficulty taking a deep breath and a feeling of being less stable in your movements.

Venus Brings Back Balance

Venus Ab Rehab awakens and rejuvenates abdominal muscles and the surrounding soft tissues, restoring muscle function and improving blood flow. The result is a better balance of strength throughout your body’s core.
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We’re Solving Mommy Tummy

Approximately half of women experience diastasis recti postpartum, resulting in so-called mommy tummy. For some, the problem resolves itself. For many more women, diastasis recti is a stubborn problem that needs treatment to help eliminate it and get your abs back on track.

Get your abs back without the strenuous exercise. In fact, it all happens while comfortably lying down for Venus Ab Rehab Therapy.

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Treatment and Support

We incorporate BTL’s Emsculpt – well-known for its use in cosmetic body sculpting into our Venus Ab Rehab treatment, along with curated educational content to help support you in your recovery and beyond.

Emsculpt is safe, has no side effects and is proven to be effective at toning and strengthening muscles, restoring their activation potential.

BTL Emsculpt

Get Your Life Back

You don’t have to live with back pain, and instability. Postpartum, you can get back to your pre-pregnancy self faster. Corelife Wellness is a warm and welcoming environment for every woman experiencing core health issues to get the help needed to overcome it.

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