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Powerful pelvic health care from bold professionals

We’re the only pelvic floor centre offering women treatment options and programming, but that’s not why you should visit. You should come see us because we’re a small group of women with our own pelvic health experiences, and we’re ready to break the taboo. Come in for a free consultation.

We’ve got you, girl!

There’s no way around the fact that aging, having children, and general physical fitness all take a toll, but there are ways to strengthen your pelvic floor. We can’t wait to help you get back to the old you! (Well, you know what we mean!) It’s a myth that “peeing a little” (or a lot) is a fact of life. It’s not—and we’re here to help you fix it.

You have choices

Pelvic health has been a silent issue for long enough. You can trust our specialists to discuss your needs in a frank and friendly way—and to let you in on all the new programming and technology available to you and your pelvic floor. Talk with us to learn about our workshops and non-surgical care like pelvic floor physio and Libby electromagnetic treatments.

You could call us the pelvic floor gurus

Or not. But we’ll happily teach you what we know about exercises, posture and maintaining a strong pelvic floor once you’re there. Plus, we’ll give you full access to our resource library.

Powerful pelvic health care from bold professionals