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Support Your Pelvic Floor With Physiotherapy

Pelvic Floor PhysiotherapyHow do you benefit from pelvic floor physiotherapy? Pelvic floor muscles prevent bladder leakage, keep your organs in place, and serve many other important bodily functions. It’s important to keep your pelvic floor strong and healthy. Incontinence is just one symptom of a weakened pelvic floor that many people experience. And it’s not necessarily just due to age. For women it is often the result of childbirth, poor physical fitness, or menopause. However, men can also be affected by poor pelvic floor health.

Core health and wellness is very important to your overall well being. Corelife Wellness in Oakville can help keep your pelvic floor strong and functioning correctly.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy to Strengthen Your Confidence

A great way to help heal a weakened pelvic floor is pelvic floor physiotherapy. Seeing a pelvic health specialist for a complete assessment will help you get the right treatment. Everyone’s body and situation are unique and may require different treatments. We don’t recommend a course of treatment until we are sure of what is causing your symptoms. At Corelife Wellness in Oakville we treat patients experiencing pelvic muscle imbalances. When your muscles don’t work together properly, it can lead to urinary leakage and pain.

Book an appointment to speak to a pelvic floor specialist and start your pelvic floor physiotherapy journey. Pelvic floor physiotherapy will help rehabilitate and strengthen the muscles in your pelvis so you can start living again.

Emsella – Libby Pelvic Chair Therapy

Our Emsella – Libby Pelvic Chair Therapy starts with a session on the Emsella kegel chair. You will also receive a personalized education and support curriculum that will teach you the body mechanics and habits to maintain your results after your kegel chair therapy. Did you know that one 28-minute session on the Emsella kegel chair is equal to over 11,000 kegels? The Libby Pelvic Chair Therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free, and comfortable treatment for incontinence.

Emsella is more than just a kegel chair therapy. It also helps muscles regain their elasticity and reach their full activation potential, allowing your pelvic muscles to perform optimally.

Call us at 647-699-3020 for a consultation to discuss if the Emsella – Libby Pelvic Chair Therapy might be the right treatment for you.

How Can Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Help?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is designed to help you heal from strain, trauma, and previous damage to your pelvic floor, organs, and muscles. A pelvic floor physiotherapist can assess your pelvic fitness and determine the very nature of your symptoms.

At Corelife Wellness in Oakville, we take a personalized approach to pelvic floor physiotherapy because every client is unique. We focus on education so you can understand exactly how your body is working, and how it should be working. We also create a plan that includes strengthening exercises, healthy habits, and therapies that will help with your core health and wellness.

Book a consultation with one of our pelvic floor physiotherapy specialists to find the right course of action for you and your symptoms.

Corelife Wellness – Oakville Clinic for Urinary Incontinence and More

At Corelife Wellness, we can help you approach pelvic health with an open mind. You will learn how to care for and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. We will create a plan designed specifically for you, and walk you through it. Pelvic floor physiotherapy is a great treatment for urinary incontinence. Our Libby Chair and Venus Ab Rehab treatments work to rebalance your core muscle strength, and restore your core health and wellness.

We understand how embarrassing it can be to talk about bladder leakage. But there’s nothing to be ashamed of! With our help you can get back to living confidently and worry-free.

If you’re ready to take control of your core health and wellness, contact us to book an appointment to start your pelvic floor physiotherapy.

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