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Do Your Pelvic Floor Muscles Need a Wakeup?

Do you do your Kegels every day? Even those few women who do manage to keep up the routine may find that they still experience bladder leaks and the occasional spritz during a workout, a sneeze or a cough. It could be that your pelvic floor muscles don’t need to be stronger but that they need to be reactivated. Pelvic floor muscle activation wakes up muscles that are not performing as well as they should due to any number of reasons. Weight gain, pregnancy, age and activity can all be contributors causing pelvic floor muscles to become inactive. Read more about muscle activation on our blog, and then call up to book a consultation for our Libby Chair Pelvic Therapy.     

Corelife Wellness - Pelvic Floor therapyA Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Can Help

Many women suffer in silence with symptoms of poor pelvic health. Symptoms like bladder leakage, urge incontinence (the urge to pee frequently), and pelvic organ prolapse. Even the experience of having sex can be affected by poor pelvic floor fitness. However, a pelvic floor physiotherapist can help diagnose the problem and put you on a better pelvic floor fitness path. A pelvic floor physiotherapist may recommend an alternative medicine treatment like the electromagnetic stimulation provided by our Libby Chair. Call us or book an appointment online with our pelvic floor physiotherapist at Corelife Wellness. 

Pelvic Floor Therapy in Oakville

Looking for a place where you can find out more about pelvic floor therapy in a safe and comfortable environment? We offer pelvic floor therapy in Oakville to women of all ages who are experiencing bladder leaks. There’s nothing we haven’t heard, so there’s no need to be shy. Call us to talk about pelvic floor therapy in Oakville. 

What Can You Do About Ab Separation?

Ab separation happens when the two muscles of the abdominal wall begin to separate after rapid weight gain, pregnancy, surgery, or other trauma. Typically, these two muscles meet or almost meet at the midline of the abdomen. Ab separation, also called diastasis recti, is not painful or dangerous; however, it can have an effect on your body. Luckily, there are simple, non-invasive treatments like our Venus Ab Rehab Therapy which uses Emsculpt to reactivate the core muscles. Waking them up in this manner reduces the separation and even tones and shapes the abs as an added bonus! Find out more about Emsculpt results in Oakville and how Venus Ab Rehab works. Call us for a consultation.  

We’ve Got Emsculpt and an Emsella Chair Near Me 

Book your appointment for Emsculpt or our Emsella Chair near me. We are located near the Oakville hospital. Find out more about how the Emsella chair near me, as part of our Libby Chair Pelvic therapy, can help you get your life back, free from bladder leaks, unexpected accidents and other pelvic floor dysfunction. Call us at 647-905-8237 or schedule a virtual consultation.

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