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Introducing Venus at Corelife Wellness - core conditioning

A Revelation in Core Conditioning 

There’s something new happening here at Corelife Wellness, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Recently, we began offering a new treatment option that helps women reactivate their core by bringing the abdominal muscles back to life after damage caused by surgery or pregnancy. We call it Venus because of its ability to awaken and revitalize – just like Venus, the goddess of love and fertility. 

Introducing – Venus Ab Rehab Therapy at Corelife Wellness 

Venus uses the power of BTL Aesthetics’s Emsculpt technology, which sends electromagnetic stimulation to targeted areas of the abdominal muscles. This stimulation wakes up inactive muscles, increases blood flow, and supports rebuilding abdominal wall strength and fitness. After Venus, you’ll feel stronger and more confident as your core muscles are reactivated and put through some amazing training!  Combine the Emsculpt treatment with education and support to really address all aspects of core conditioning from your Corelife Wellness experts, and you have the complete Venus Ab Rehab treatment, better function and improved aesthetics!  Who could ask for anything more?  

When Exercise is Not Enough

Venus is for women experiencing problems with abdominal muscle dysfunction resulting from pregnancy, surgery, weight changes and more. Sometimes this dysfunction is referred to or diagnosed as a condition called diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA). Intense rehab programs involving ab muscle exercises can sometimes help to resolve this condition. However, many women struggle with their workout programs and find they are not effective. It’s a frustrating situation, but one that you don’t have to live with – Venus is here to help!

Take Charge of Your Core Conditioning

Venus Ab Rehab therapy is a revelation for women experiencing DRA or core weakness and feeling discouraged at the lack of progress with exercise alone. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that the problem is you, when in fact, the problem has to do with a whole bunch of factors that you can change. A little wake up call from Venus, and you’ll notice a difference immediately after the first treatment. Typically Venus care is delivered across four sessions—a fabulous ab workout that you get to enjoy while lying down (no sit-ups or planks required), while turning into a different learning program each session to ensure you are fully equipped to rock your core.  

Let’s Talk About This

Venus complements the work we do at Corelife Wellness. It empowers women to take back their lives by leveraging the best novel technology has to offer. You don’t have to live with core struggles. These issues are common, but not normal. We bring these problems out of the shadows and fully solve them through simple and non-invasive strategies. Call us today to book a 15-minute consultation to find out more about our Venus Ab Rehab therapy and whether it can help you.

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