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Libby’s short for liberation: The low-down on Corelife’s most technologically advanced treatment


Stress urinary incontinence—peeing a little—is one of the most common pelvic floor health issues with an estimated 200 million women worldwide all trying to “hold it” when they laugh, cough, sneeze, or jump. That’s a lot of accidents, and many of them are unnecessary. 

Urinary incontinence  is a sign of a lack of pelvic floor fitness. Just like any other part of your body, your pelvis needs to be kept in good working order. Allowing yourself to get out of shape will affect your ability to enjoy all the fun things you do with your pelvis like having (enjoyable, well-lubricated) sex and not peeing your pants when you go for a run. Unfortunately, totally normal things like aging or having kids can cause pelvic floor health issues and, until recently, doctors haven’t been properly briefed on…well, what’s going on in your briefs.

Leaking is a symptom that can be caused by many different pelvic health issues so a single treatment may not be adequate or appropriate. At Corelife Wellness we focus on conservative care—that is, we guide you through all the treatment options you can try before resorting to medications or surgery. The good news is, there are many ways to improve your pelvic health that aren’t invasive or risky. The most technologically advanced (and some would say revolutionary) is the Libby treatment with the Emsella chair.

Revolutionary? Really?

If you’ve never dealt with mapping your errands by identifying the public bathrooms around town this word might seem strong, but take it from us (and yes, we have all had our own incontinence experiences): the Libby changes the game.

Forget paper gowns, cold instruments, and awkward appointments. These are all artifacts from a darker time in pelvic health history. The Libby treatment involves nothing more embarrassing, uncomfortable, or stressful than going to the movies. You simply come into the office, chat with us a bit and sit down in the Emsella chair—wait for it—fully clothed!!.  Each treatment lasts about half an hour, and not only is there is no pain or discomfort, patients actually report pleasant sensations like tingling, vibrations, or trickling water throughout the session. (One woman said it was orgasmic but we make no promises.)

With eight years in development and three years of clinical studies to back it up, the FDA-approved chair has been cleared for treating all kinds of urinary incontinence. And, in follow-up studies, after six months since the Libby sessions, a full 95% of women had retained their achieved results.

Sounds pretty revolutionary to us.

Is the Libby treatment magic?

The Libby treatment uses science and that’s pretty close to magic. Let’s look a bit closer. The Emsella chair (the name is derived from Electro Magnetic Sella—Latin for chair) directs high frequency electromagnetic waves through the seat into the pelvic floor. This generates a mechanical effect on the pelvic floor tissues which are completely unique to this treatment. It doesn’t simply replicate Kegels, which are voluntary contractions, but rather stimulates the muscles and nerves.  The result? A fitter pelvic floor and that means no more leaks and better sex. It really is like magic!

What to expect when you come to Corelife Wellness for the Libby?

This might sound like a spa treatment but the chair is an actual medical device. When you come to Corelife Wellness you’ll be under the consultation of our experienced team who will guide you through your course of treatment. You can expect six treatments of about a half hour each twice per week plus a follow-up in six months.

Ready to talk more about your pelvic floor health? The first step is to schedule an initial consultation and we’ll take it from there .

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