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When to be Concerned About Core Wellness

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Sitting at a desk all day, carrying extra weight, and having poor posture can lead to deterioration of your core fitness. Your core includes your torso, abdomen and pelvis, making it responsible for most of the movement of your body. Along with your spine, the muscle groups in your core allow you to stand and sit upright and move your limbs. When your core wellness is compromised, it can manifest in different ways. Weak or imbalanced core muscles can lead to chronic back pain, instability and an increased risk of falling. Abdominal separation can result in an unappealing bulge in your abdomen as pressure from your core pushes out on the thinned and stretched connective tissue. This condition, known as diastasis recti, is also a risk factor for hernia, a more severe consequence of poor core fitness. 

Core Strengthening Exercises Become More Difficult

One of the most common ways to improve core fitness and correct diastasis recti is to do core strengthening exercises. These exercises target the abdominal muscles at the front of the abdomen to improve their strength. However, when you have a muscle imbalance, some muscles cannot reach their full activation potential. Core strengthening exercises such as planks and crunches become more difficult because the muscles you want to target will not progress beyond a certain point. That’s where we can help.

Emsculpt at Corelife Wellness Oakville

Exercise is essential, and we would never recommend that anyone become less active. However, sometimes ab workouts don’t seem to work as well as you would like, or you can’t quite get the results you were expecting. In these cases, technology can come to the rescue with safe and effective treatments that jumpstart your abdominal muscles and help restore them to their full potential

That technology is Emsculpt, and it is part of our Venus Ab Rehab therapy at Corelife Wellness. Emsculpt stimulates abdominal muscles to the degree that exercise alone cannot achieve. Emsculpt triggers the muscles to contract and release in rapid pulses using focused electromagnetic energy. One Emsculpt treatment has the effect of doing thousands of crunches in less than thirty minutes. The result of Venus Ab Rehab is stronger ab muscles with better tone and flexibility. People find their back pain diminishes, and they are able to engage their core more deeply – whether sitting, standing, walking, or working out. The personalized support and treatment we provide with Venus Ab Rehab can eliminate diastasis recti and help you feel better about your core health.

What About Unexpected Bladder Leaks?

Your pelvis is part of your core, though it has a different set of muscles, tendons and ligaments to consider. The muscles can either be weak and inactive or too tight. People with tight pelvic floor muscles, called hypertonic pelvis, experience similar issues, including unexpected bladder leaks, constipation and pelvic pain. 

As pelvic health professionals, we recommend finding an Emsella chair near me to treat unexpected bladder leaks and other pelvic floor dysfunction. 

Libby Kegel Chair Therapy

Emsella is part of our Libby Kegel chair therapy, a safe, non-invasive and comfortable way to treat urinary leakage in both men and women. Like Emsculpt, Emsella uses focused electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscles. Experiencing the Emsella Kegel chair means getting the benefit of over 11,000 Kegel exercises in each 30-minute session. That’s more Kegels than anyone is capable of doing on their own. The result is better strength and tone, with the ability for hypertonic muscles to relax as much as they can contract. Our personalized support and education help you retrain your body to maintain better core and pelvic health even after the treatments have ended. 

Corelife Wellness – Pelvic Health Professionals in Oakville

Our goal is to help women (and men!) return to their normal way of life by recovering from core health issues such as diastasis recti, bladder leakage, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, and decreased sexual function, including erectile dysfunction. These physiological conditions can cause confidence, self-esteem and overall well-being to suffer. We offer simple solutions and a safe space to talk about conditions that may be awkward or embarrassing to discuss. Call us at 289-608-7136 to book a consultation, come in to see us at our clinic in the Oakville Hospital, or find out more about what we do on our website and social media on Facebook and Instagram

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