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red apple and apple core - why core fitness is so important

Why Core Fitness is So Important

We talk a lot about the body’s core and all of the benefits of improving core fitness. But what exactly is your core, and why is it so important? It isn’t an exaggeration to say that your core is responsible for almost all of your movement and function. Your ability to perform everyday tasks, do your job, participate in sports activities and care for your kids depends on your core. Sometimes, the core muscles become strained due to weight gain, pregnancy or surgery.  In addition, core fitness requires conscious conditioning and busy women…well you know, we prioritize ourselves last. If your core is not functioning optimally, the rest of your body may also be suffering and will let you know.  

Which Bits are the Core?

Your body’s core is generally considered to be the torso and includes the muscles in the front, sides, and back. But, really we are concerned with your deep core, your “inner unit” that is often referred to as the core. Four muscles make up this group. The pelvic floor muscles are the leader of the core four. Most movements require force to be transferred through the body’s core.  We need to be listening to our bodies as trouble with the core comes with symptoms – the problem is most women dismiss these.  

Movements are More Difficult

When your deep core is not fit, you don’t move as well, with as much ease and you may have pain or leak urine with certain movements. Core muscles de-contition alongside other muscles so strength and balance will wane if we don’t keep our core fit. A less fit core is correlated with pelvic floor dysfunctions such as urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, but also diastasis rectus abdominis, umbilical hernia and falls. Yes, the risk of falling increases when your core is weak! 

So, we need to go for a fit core. One that is strong, coordinates well with the other muscles, has responsiveness, flexibility and more. Typically, specifically targeted exercise can help restore the balance. But sometimes, the “usual” exercises don’t seem to work.  There are other options that might be better for you and might help to give you the needed core boost that exercise alone simply can’t accomplish. 

Get in touch with the core and pelvic fitness experts at Corelife Wellness. Because if your core isn’t working well, nothing in your body works well. You deserve better.

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