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5 Ways Self-Care Impacts Your Health

Do you find it difficult to prioritize self-care? You aren’t alone! Doing something for yourself can feel selfish or unimportant when you have so many other things to do and think about. But the truth is self-care has a huge impact on your overall health. From your core wellness to your mental health, you can protect and promote your own healthy future.

So what is self-care, anyway? Self-care is a practice of purposefully engaging in ways to keep your whole self healthy – mentally, physically, and emotionally. Taking time out for a massage or coffee with a friend, or planning healthy meals and time for exercise, are all ways to take care of your health.

Let’s look at five ways proper self-care will impact your health.

1. Create a Solid Foundation with Good Core and Pelvic Health

Your core is the group of muscles that wrap around your body like a cylinder to protect and support your organs, including your pelvic organs, and to provide stability for your entire body. When you take time to build, tone, and take care of these muscles, you are caring for the very foundation of how you live and move each day. It’s important to make regular exercise a part of your self-care routine.

Do you struggle with bladder leakage? Maybe you want to get out and join a fitness class or go for a run but are afraid of having an embarrassing incident at the worst moment! Instead of a high-impact workout, you could try a more gentle approach to your core fitness. Practice yoga or stretching, swimming or regular walking. All of these activities are positive ways to incorporate movement and core health into your life.

And as always, if you are facing symptoms of core and pelvic dysfunction, talk to a pelvic health professional. They will be able to accurately assess your situation and give you the best strategy for a healthier you.

2. Promote a Positive Mindset

Self-care is as much about what you think as it is about what you do. And a positive mindset comes from learning to be the best version of yourself. Make your self-care a journey to get to know you and what makes you tick. As a result, you’ll become healthier from the inside out, with a more positive outlook as you view the world around you.

3. Increase Your Energy with Proper Nutrition and Exercise

Part of self-care is planning ahead. When you take time to prepare healthy, nutritious foods and carve out time for exercise, you’ll help your body not only function but thrive. By choosing whole foods, limiting sugar and processed foods, and hydrating with plenty of water, you’re feeding your cells, organs, and systems to help you feel your best. You’ll have more energy and mental clarity because every part of your body is getting more of what it needs.

Great fitness and nutrition don’t happen by accident! It pays to take the time to plan your meals, shop with intention, and prepare ahead so you don’t get caught without a healthy option. Schedule your workouts so quality movement doesn’t always get pushed off to tomorrow. This strategy takes some effort up front, but you’ll be grateful when you see – and feel – the results of your self-care.

4. Stress Management and Self-Care

Self-care can help you manage stress in your daily life as you learn what helps you cope with situations you can and cannot control. Sometimes this might look like planning ahead to avoid potentially stressful situations. For example, set a time each week to review your entire calendar so you don’t overbook, double-book, or forget important meetings or events.

Do you know what helps you destress? Whether it’s meditation, watching a movie, or going out with friends, taking time for yourself can help you manage life’s ups and downs

5. Become a More Confident You

Make your own health a priority with regular self-care. Pelvic health and other deeply personal topics can be hard to talk about, but as you start caring for yourself and seeing the results in your own mind and body, you’ll become more confident. Self-care is showing yourself how valuable you are. You are worth it!

Self-Care and a Proactive Approach to Your Health

Most self-care is about being proactive. If you aren’t doing so already, plan to see your doctor regularly. The best way to prevent serious health problems is to catch potential issues early. Your doctor can monitor your health, give you recommendations, and deliver peace of mind.

At Corelife Wellness, we focus on empowering women and men to proactively care for their core and pelvic health. Now is the time to practice a little self-care by booking a consultation with one of our pelvic health specialists. We’re here to support you in living your best life!

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