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Ab Separation is a Common Occurrence

Woman reclining, reading a book. Emsculpt treatments in Oakville at COrelife Wellness

After pregnancy, weight gain and some types of abdominal surgery, many women experience ab separation. This condition, otherwise known as diastasis recti or diastasis rectus abdominus, occurs when the abdominal muscles are stretched. Ab separation may not be a painful condition, however, it affects your core strength, your balance, and coordination. Sometimes ab separation resolves itself in time, and other times you need a little help from Emsculpt in Oakville. 

Venus Ab Rehab Therapy Featuring Emsculpt

That’s where we come in. Our Venus Ab Rehab Therapy, featuring Emsculpt, reactivates core muscles with the help of focused electromagnetic energy. As the muscles return to normal function, ab separation is often resolved. Emsculpt is the technology used in Venus AB Rehab, but it’s not the whole story. Our Corelife Wellness experts also provide the know-how to keep your core healthy and strong even after the Emsculpt treatment.  

Why Live with Bladder Leakage? 

Bladder leakage can be embarrassing and inconvenient. Yet it affects almost half of women at some point in their lives. The good news is that you don’t need to live with bladder leakage anymore! Call Corelife Wellness to find out how we can help eliminate bladder leakage and other pelvic dysfunction with a safe, painless, non-invasive procedure done in our Oakville office. 

They call it the Kegel Chair. We call it Libby.

Libby Chair Pelvic therapy is what we do best, and it has helped many women in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and Mississauga overcome pelvic issues, including painful sex and frequent urination. Libby features Emsella, also known as the Kegel Chair. Emsella, from BTL Aesthetics, is often called the Kegel chair because it delivers the same effect as doing over 11,000 Kegels in 30 minutes. Call us for a consultation to determine if the Libby Pelvic Therapy using the Emsella Kegel chair is right for you. 

Prevent Bladder Leaks and Prolapsed Uterus

Libby Chair Pelvic Therapy prevents bladder leaks and prolapsed uterus and several other pelvic fitness issues by stimulating the muscles and soft tissue of the pelvis with focused electromagnetic energy. Prolapsed uterus can occur when the muscles of the pelvis are weakened and unable to support the pelvic organs, which then begin to descend. Libby is all about stimulating pelvic muscles so that they remain strong and preventing prolapsed uterus from occurring.  

Corelife Wellness – Emsella Chair Near Me

We deal with problems that many people have difficulty talking about. Pelvic health issues, like urinary incontinence, prolapse and painful sexual intercourse affect many women, yet no one talks about it. At our office, all of these topics are on the table. Call us about an Emsella chair near me and get your life back. Our Emsella chair near me and Corelife Wellness pelvic health experts are here to help! Call us to book a consultation for Emsella or Emsculpt by phone at 647-722-3751 or video, or submit the form below. 


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